Environmental Policy

JULIA TRAVEL S.L. is a wholesaler/retailer dedicated to the visiting tourist industry in Spain.

It is part of the GRUPO JULIA and has over 79 years’ experience in tourism and transport. Its professional staff works
every day to add new quality products and services to its already excellent value for money; this includes new cultural,
gastronomic and leisure experiences in Spain with an emphasis on being environmentally-friendly.


  1. is fully aware of the demands, requirements and expectations, both explicit and implicit, of its customers and
    always complies with legal stipulations.
  2. operates in a coherent manner so as to respond correclly to current and future conditions in the market and
    promote the spirit of continuous improvements as covered in standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO
    14001 in their current versions.
  3. informs everyone across all levels of the company, as well as external suppliers, of the company’s objectives
    and criteria regarding occupational health and safety, quality and the environment.
  4. manages processes with the help of indicators and analyses progress of these ones. This allows us to be aware
    of the current level of service and to ensure the level of quality required by our customers and operational
  5. complies with all legislation and regulations regarding occupational health and safety, quality and the
    environment which may be applicable, as well as any other requirements which JULIA TRAVEL considers
  6. studies and evaluates processes in advance which can reduce the environmental impact of the services it
    provides, as well as measures aimed at minimising occupational health and safety issues, thereby improving
    the work conditions of its co-workers with the support of new activities or services.
  7. reduces contamination and the production of waste products as far as possible in order to conserve natural
    resources, as well as prevent accidental emissions of any substances or waste energy.
  8. raises awareness for measures to improve both the environment and the working conditions for its staff,
    suppliers and customers.
  9. continuous improvement is the main catalyst for all of the activities the company carries out.
  10. integrates occupational health and safety, quality and environmental measures at all levels of the company.
  11. involves the entire staff in order to achieve all the occupational health and safety, quality and environmental
  12. establishes a training programme for all staff employed by the company to help them in their workplace and to
    contribute towards the continuous improvement of the company.
  13. develops continuous training programmes which are suitable for both internal and external customers’ needs.
  14. establishes a working methodology in order to improve internal communication between the different
    departments and offices.
  15. ensures the highest levels of safety for all staff, customers, vehicles, co-workers and facilities when carrying out
    its activities.
  16. makes the integrated policy available to all those parties who it may affect. The policy is revised periodically in
    order to ensure it is always up to date regarding the company’s requirements.

Edgar Weggelar

Managing Director


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Pablo Iglesias, 84
08908 L’Hospitalet (Barcelona)
Tel. 934 026 900 – Fax 934 026 915