Medina Aazhara Guided Tour

Join this 3-hour guided tour where you will explore one of the best archaeological sites in Spain. Medina Azahara, the mysterious city Abd-al Rahman I

  • Tickets and monolingual guided visit to Medina Azahara and the interpretation center
  • Transportation
  • Other services not specified
  • We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • During the Patios Festival, from 2 to 14 May, the visit in English won’t be available.
100% cancellation fee applies if canceled less than 24 hours or no show
Información esencial
  • 15 minutes before departure time.

    Discover with expert historians and archaeologists one of the greatest jewels in Cordoba, where Abd Al-Rahman III the first Umayyad caliph ordered its construction and moved his court. It is an essential guided tour for knowing not only the Caliphate art but also the importance of Al-Andalus as an economic, social and cultural power in present-day society. You can enjoy a complete guided tour to the settlement and then to interpretation center that holds a unique collection of ancient objects recovered from the facilities.

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